Inside Corner Roller Qty 1 each

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Inside Corner Roller Qty 1 each

The 5" rail glides along the roller reducing friction and providing smooth directional changes on inside corners. Needs to be installed on a 6 to 8 inch wood corner post.

Can be used with Centaur, Cenflex and Hot Rail 

It does have built in insulation for electric Hot Rail (The roller )

385453  White      385454  Black

Hardware is included

This accessory is easy to understand you use it for inside corners. Inside corner meaning the rail should always be installed on the inside of the post.  You can still install the rail on the outside of the corner post and use line post brackets to keep in place but with this method of installation the rail doesn't glide as well.  It's recommended by installers and the manufacture to use the Inside Corner Rollers for the best installation.