About Bluebird Fencing

The founder of Bluebird Fencing, Monica Tranby, grew up on a 50 acre horse farm in rural Minnesota.  Growing up with that many horses she learned a lot about fencing and the dangers of inadequate fencing as well.  Her career always maintained a focus on the safety and security of these beautiful animals.

Bluebird Fencing, started in 2019, was inspired by memories of riding past the fence and seeing the vibrant bluebirds nesting in the houses her father lovingly made by hand.

In March 2024 Bluebird Fencing was purchased by Ami Nelson and her family.
Ami began riding horses in 2001 at 9 years old, and in 2016 started a fence installation business with her husband Ben. After searching for the best option for their clients, they met with Monica and started installing the Centaur horse product in 2021. When the opportunity presented itself for the Nelson's to take ownership, they jumped at the opportunity. Their goal is to continue to grow and expand Bluebird, and provide the best products to their customers with unmatched customer support!