UnderGate Cable 100' Qty 1 each

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Undergate Cable 100' Qty 1 each

Can carry power from energizer to fence or serve as an underground cable to route power under gated areas. Polymer coated to protect the wire against. voltage leakage. Use continuous lengths only for installation, do not splice.

Used with Hot Rail and WhiteLightning (or any electric fence installation)

385360  Undergate Cable 100'

This is used way more than you think!  It's used like it says above but also from your energizer to your ground rods, and from one line of fence to another.  Basically anywhere you want power to go! See the photos below it's how you connect the Undergate Cable to ground rods, snake eyes, line tape connectors, etc...

Some people (including myself) might refer to this as Hook up wire or Underground wire.