Barrel Tensioner Two-Way Qty 1 each

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Two-Way Barrel Tensioner Qty 1 each

Ideal for long runs of 5" rail and tensioning around corners and straight lengths up to 660 feet in each direction for a total combined length of 1,320 feet (for every major directional change, deduct 100 feet). Needs to be installed on a 6 to 8 inch wood termination/end post. ISO insulation pad required when used with Hot Rail® fence systems.  *not included  (search ISO pad)

385147 White      385148  Black      385149  Brown

Hardware is included just not pictured with some photos

The Two-Way Barrel Tensioner is used for lengths longer than 660 feet (example: straight run of 1000' but the roll length is only 660 ft)  Don't confuse it for splicing, if you need to splice two shorter pieces together please see Splice Buckle. If this has just confused you please call us or send us your layout we will explain.  

 *The ISO pad is sold separately but you must use it with Hot Rail when using this Two-Way Barrel Tensioner.  You do not need an ISO pad with Cenflex or Centaur non electric rails.