Centaur / Hot Rail Bracket Qty 1 each

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Centaur® / Hot Rail® Line Bracket Qty 1 each

Deluxe two-piece belt loop bracket system. HTP® coated steel core for added strength and durability. No additional insulation required when used with Hot Rail® fencing systems.

The sealed polymer coating and two-piece design acts as an insulator for Hot Rail. 

These special brackets have a steel core for added strength and durability. 

The "belt-loop" bracketing system allows the rail to slip through, dispersing impact.

This is a two piece bracket the rail will slide between the two pieces of the bracket and will not come in contact with the post.

385061  White      385062  Black      385063  Brown

These brackets are used with Centaur HTP and Hot Rail 5" Rail to secure the rail to each line post see installation manual for other accessories required for proper installation.