11/16" SunGUARD II Fiberglass Fence Post Qty 1 each

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11/16" SunGUARD II Fiberglass Fence Posts

This is a Heavy Duty Post for Permanent Fence Applications. 

25 Year Warranty

You can use Drilled Post and the A40 U-Clip (sold separate) available  here.  Drilled meaning it there are holes drilled all the way down the post to hold these clips and give you options where to place them.  

The other options for insulators are the A37 11/16" SnapMax Clip or the A37P 11/16" Quick Clip.(sold separate) available here. 

These posts do not conduct electricity so you can use any clip that you want with either electric or non-electric fencing.

These posts can be used with ElectroBraid, Finish Line, WhiteLightning, and PolyPlus.

Will NOT Rot or Rust - EVER!!!

Lightweight, yet Durable

Easy to Handle and Install

Cost Effective

Maintenance Free 

Made in the USA

No Electrical Shorts 

Flex Upon Impact for Safety

The Special UV Coating prevents glass slivers

The Best Part, Ready... The Posts Flex Upon Impact and Return Upright without Popping Out of the Ground and Will Always Return to the Straight Position!  Yes this means no bent or crooked posts to look at over time.