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About Finishline XXL

Finishline XXL White 2640ft  Qty 1 each

If you are searching for a  "wire-free" fence option you have found the it!

Finishline XXL is the newest addition to our Simple Fencing System. Finishline XXL is designed for those who want a fence that is easy to install and maintenance free and increases property value with its high end appearance.

With 2,200lbs of tensile strength per strand, Finishline XXL stands up to the wrath of Mother Nature. Finishline XXL can handle trees falling, animals charging, and drastic weather changes without losing its tension. Finishline XXL’s 5mm diameter delivers high visibility for added beauty and protection.

Finishline XXL is protected by vital UV inhibitors which maintain its product strength, flexibility and flawless appearance for decades. Like our original Finishline Fencing, Finishline XXL can be installed on any type of post, is lightweight, and easy to install with user friendly accessories.

Since Finishline XXL does not contain wire, there is no need to worry about your fence line sagging over time. These factors make the product virtually maintenance free which means you can stop wasting time fixing fences!

Why Choose Finishline XXL?


Stronger than regular wire fences with 2,200lbs of breaking strength per strand.


Thicker material is more appealing to look with any type of installation.

Easy Installation

Easier to install than wire fence. Finishline XXL can be used with T-Posts, Wood, or Vinyl.


Finishline XXL requires no maintenance once it has been installed.

Decades of Performance

Will look flawless after decades of being installed.

No Metal Wire

Polymer fence does not rust, rot, or corrode. Lightweight to save on shipping costs.