Staples 1.75" Barbed Staple 1lb Qty 52 each or 40lb Qty 2080 each

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1.75" Barbed Staples

Barbed for secure attachment. Length provides an eyelet style gap that permits room for adjustment when used to install strand fence in wood line posts. Galvanized to resist rust staining.

Staples Barbed Large for Coated Wire and Fence Installation. I get asked if they are large enough to go over both Coated Wire and Insultube and the answer is Yes!

WhiteLightning and PolyPlus but of course you must insulate with insultube when necessary. 

385297  Barbed Staples, 1 lb box (52 pcs) 346296  Barbed Staples, 40 lb box (2080 each)

In the photos it shows all the places you need barbed staples when installing fence.