T-Bracket Qty 1 each

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Sure-Hook® T-Bracket Qty 1 each

Ideal for cross fence installations of 5" rail. For Centaur® and CenFlex®fence systems only.

385449  White      385450  Black      385451  Brown

The hardware is included

This is often a misunderstood accessory, it's purpose is only for when you are cross fencing non electric 5" rail Centaur and Cenflex. (what is cross fencing you might ask...it's when you have a pasture and divide it into two pastures by putting a fence down the middle) It's also only used opposite the Barrel Tensioner because you can not adjust tension (the same as a Termination Bracket). Why use this instead of Termination Bracket? It's so you can line the rail up at the same level as your perimeter rail (see photo) If you are still unsure call us and ask or send us your layout.