T Post Safety Sleeve with Cap Qty 25 each

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T-Post Safety Sleeve with Cap Qty 25 each

Completely covers standard metal T-Posts creating an attractive and safer fence post. No insulators required. "T-Sleeve Clips" are required but sold separately.

385433  White (box of 25)      385434  Black (box of 25)

The sleeve is 2"x 54" with notches every 2 1/2" You must use T-Sleeve Clips to attach Fence (The are sold separately) The cap shown in picture is included. 

Made out of high density poly-ethylene, the Sure-Fit® Safety Sleeve is very durable and impact resistant to provide years of maintenance-free service. Use coated T-Sleeve Clips to attach Coated Wire or Braids. Available in white and black

54" Tall x 2"  (with notches every 2.5 inches the full length of the sleeve)

Each T-post sleeve has a place for a set screw at the bottom of the sleeve use a #10 x 2" wood screw (not available on our website and are not included.) It is best to have the metal T-post shorter than the sleeve, up to as much as 8" If you want to secure the caps feel free to use a Silicone product to glue them on. Not included and not available on our website.